The 8 Best Tips for Reading More Books

Over the last year, people have had a lot more time to relax and fill their days with the things they could never fit in enough of before. While binge watching TV and spending more hours than ever before browsing social media sites has been inevitable for most, a lot of people want to use this time to read more books. This for everyone isn’t always an easy task so I have broken down the best tips for reading more books to help you get a head start.

  1. Read books you like

Reading should be an enjoyable task, so reading books in a genre that you don’t find interesting will never fulfill you. While stepping out of your reading comfort zone can be good, it shouldn’t be your main focus. Make sure you are continuing to put in just as much, if not more, energy into the type of books you love.

2. Set aside an allotted time for reading everyday

When you start reading you might not be as inclined to pick up your book as you are to turn on the TV but force yourself to put a certain amount of time in everyday and eventually you will feel yourself craving even more reading time.

3. Location, location, location

One of the best tips for reading more books that I can give you is to pick your location wisely. For me, I love to read while on the move, so my commute to work or reading whilst walking works great for me. On the other hand my sister needs a room with no noise and no distractions. Try reading in a few different spots and at a few different times of the day to see what works best for you. Maybe your morning bath is your prime location, or maybe it’s reading in bed before you go to sleep? You will never know until you give them all a try.

4. Follow book blogs and book bloggers on social media

Reading doesn’t have to be a lonely past time. There are copious amounts of people on the internet waiting for someone to dive into their book with. Nothing motivates me to read more than browsing through ‘bookstagrammers’ latest pics.

5. Join Good Reads

Good Reads is great for anyone that likes to talk through books with their peers. It is a space where you can read and write reviews and chat to like minded readers about upcoming releases. You can also join groups and buddy up with your followers to read books together.

6. Start small

If the task of completing Lord of the Rings or the Mistborn series seems daunting to you, take a step back and read something shorter. The sense of achievement you get from finishing a book will come a lot sooner if the books isn’t a thousand pages longer. This in turn will encourage you to read another.

If you are looking for a shorter fantasy read, Torpor by Kieva McLaughlin, is exciting, thrilling and you will find it impossible to put it down.

7. Join a book club

Book clubs are great for holding you accountable to reading and finishing your book. They are also great for feeling like part of a community and making new friends.

8. Listen to book podcasts

Podcasts are great for spiking your interest and keeping you up to date with the latest great reads. Listen to a few before ruling them out completely, as the experience differs hugely from podcast to podcast.

Now that you’re all set and filled with tips for reading more books, checkout some of our favourite fantasy books here, and favourite young adult books here.

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