New Fantasy Book 2020/2021

It’s a new year, and time for a new read. If you are looking for a new fantasy book to begin 2021 with I would recommend giving Torpor a try.


After awakening from a brutal car accident, James quickly realises that something is wrong. He recognises that he is in London, but it’s certainly not the London that he knows. In this strange new world, which James learns is called Torpor, he befriends Stevie. With her help, James competes to become a Whiteflyer to gain access to the other worlds and to find his girlfriend Liza. Will he master the powers of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, or will the growing tension between James and Torpor’s leader, The Controller, stand in his way?


“Loved the whole concept and development of the plot. I felt so invested in the characters and was gripped throughout. I even ended up reading Torpor in 1 day!
Surprising to find out this is Kieva’s debut, as it is so beautifully written. The second book can’t come soon enough! Well done Kieva!!”
– Conor Clancy, Amazon

“The idea behind this book was so engaging, thought provoking and so uniquely set, I truly did enjoy the characters, the location and the fact that within a little less then 200 pages they tried to solve the age old question of what happens after we die. This is my personal request to the author… please conclude this story for us… it would be greatly appreciated.” – Sabrina, Good Reads

“Amazing book, love the concept “earth was just before”. So creative and well written. Really recommened for anyone who loves a good fantasy novel or anyone in general. A real page turner, couldn’t put it down!” – Leah Fanning, Amazon

“Superb debut from Kieva McLaughlin. From beginning to end, the tension and intrigue makes this an unputdownable treat. Cannot wait for the next outing from Ms McLaughlin.” – Mark Golden, Amazon

“Great read and an overall great find!!” – David, Good Reads

Torpor is available in hard copy and e-book format here now. If you have kindle unlimited, download Torpor for free here.

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