How I Stayed Sane During Lockdown

After going into lockdown earlier this year, most of my favourite past times (namely drinking and eating out) got stripped from my life. While my favourite time for reading, travelling to and from work, went along with them, reading as a whole became a lot more frequent (along with binge watching Netflix and eating my roommates out of house and home).

While some people decided that 2020 was the year to become a yogi or to take up puzzling full time, for me, books like the Red Sister and The Dark Materials series took me away from the grim thoughts of only being able to leave the house once a day, and probably more importantly, away from the temptation that is online clothes shopping. Retail therapy, after all, is a very real distraction from everyday life.

So, while reading became my lifeline, it wasn’t the only way that books helped me get dressed every morning (okay…..not every morning). The fruition of a dream I had the year previously, began to come to life. I started to write my very first book.

Since I can remember, the only two possible career choices for me were to become a vet or an author. However, my panicked and squeamish reaction after my dog cut her ear, whittled my two options down to one. And, while I always imagined putting my pen to paper and creating a novel that transported my readers to another world, I buried it deep down and went and got myself a ‘real job’. A job where a steady income could be made.

But if 2020 taught me anything, it’s to live in the now and follow those whimsical dreams. So, knowing I was the only one who could do it, I took the first step. I opened an email I had sent myself the previous year containing a 60 word book idea. Re-reading that initial plan, excitement consumed me, and I made a promise to myself, it wasn’t just an idea; I was going to make sure it came to life.

Nearly a year later, and what a year it’s been, that childhood dream is no longer just that. And, whether my now finished book only puts a handful of people to sleep at night, or creates an army of loyal followers, it doesn’t matter. Because I did it. I put that pen to paper. I wrote my first book.

If you’re looking for your next fantasy read, I would love if you would give the book in question, Torpor, a consideration. It’s available in e-book and paperback now here:

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